Vicci Moore

Vicci is passionate about her music! No, really! When DJ'ing you'll usually see her singing along, dancing on the DJ booth and struggling to keep herself off the dance floor!
Her music selections will take you on a journey through various Blues styles, as she conveys her own passion to your dancing! She has a strong affiliation for female artists, good introductions, unusual breaks, dirty horns, and good time party blues! Step onto the dance floor with her and let the good times roll!!!

Adamo Ciarallo

Between dancing, practicing, teaching and co-organizing ESBF, Adamo spends his ‘spare’ time listening, reading and learning about the history of the music he loves so much!
He has an admirable ability to "read" the dance floor, making his every song selection a perfect fit for the energy and the mood of the dancers at any time! This is why his DJ sets always end with an impressive amount of appreciation and often with a "we want more" chant from the dancers!

The Bald Brothers

The Bald Brother have a great experience in local events and international festivals. With their 100% blues session, you will go along the whole Mississippi River and its varied styles, from New Orleans jazz-blues to the most pungent blues of Chicago, while visiting the classic rural tunes of the Delta. You will not stop dancing with these pair of bluesman!

DJ Ferroo

DJ Ferroo is directly influenced by the roots of blues, thanks to his trajectory of more than 10 years linked to gospel and end of the 19th century American music. For him blues is an evolution of that music and with his sessions he gets to take us back to that time in which music was a way of feeling free.

DJ Rafa

"The blues tells a story. Every line has a meaning" (John Lee Hooker)
"The whole of life expresses the blues" (Willie Dixon)
"Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom" (Charlie Parker)

DJ Rafa is a DJ resident between Maresme and Vallès and surroundings. In summer season along Costa Brava.

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