From Londres,

Dan’s music harks back to the roots of early rent party/juke playing. He focuses on rare and standard blues classics by bluesmen such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Dan has performed extensively in the USA, both with contemporary blues players and as a solo act. He gravitated towards the deep South in early 2007 whilst making a documentary on the history of blues and has since spent 16 weeks playing around the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas.

Recently, Dan has developed a strong following among blues dancers seeking to re-create the juke-joint style experience of the 1920s-1950s. Dan is based in London, and plays regularly for blues dancers around the UK and Europe.


From Madrid,

He started playing the guitar when he was 16 in a totally self-taught way, outstanding already in his beginnings as one of the best blues newcomer. He combines his electric facet with his role as an interpreter of traditional old blues, being in this field where he really acquires great recognition from specialized critics as well as the general public.
Back in 2001 he created his new project, Edu "Big Hands" & The Whiskey Train, a project that is still active, consolidating itself as possibly the greatest exponent of national blues today, as well as one of the most active artist of the genre.


From Toulouse,

Agathe Da Rama duet was born from the incidental meeting of Agathe (singer) & Joris (guitar). The two deliver an energetic mix of Blues and Soul with a strong delta blues influence that led them to end up playing in the streets of New Orleans for three months in 2017, reinforcing their knowledge of Afro American music.

Winner of the Blues sur Seine contest in Paris they're also sent in Montreal (Canada) that same year to represent French Blues scene.

Back in France, the meeting with dancers convince to create a specific set of covers and original songs for blues dancers they've been playing in many blues event ever since.


From Valencia,

The Revolution Blues Band was born as part of a dance community in Valencia, Spain (Valencia Blues Revolution). This unforgettable journey started when a love of music and a passion for dance brought us together to play from the heart.

The group is made of dancers and exists for dancers and, therefore, the most important thing for us is to play for people who really feel the music and the dance.

Our music is a mixture of styles from Delta Blues, Chicago and Boogaloo to Jazz or Funk and always with our personal “fusion” using rhythms from African music, flamenco and other genres.


From Barcelona,

In recent years, Wax & Boogie has become one of the best and most valued formats of the Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Boogie Woogie scene.
Ster Wax and David Giorcelli have learned to capture as few the true spirit of traditional African-American folk music to transform it into their own means of expression. Their knowledge of the language of black music is broad, rich and varied. Shuffles, Boogie Woogie, Rock 'n' Roll, Swing or jumps are part of their usual repertoire, without forgetting the intense and warm "Slow Down". All this accompanied by drums by the teacher Reginald Vilardell, one of the specialists of the genre, one of the most requested of the music scene in our country.


From La Garriga,

KantiKune, "sing together" in Esperanto, the international language that everybody should have. This is the spirit born of KantiKune in 2016: singing together repertoires of all time and of all origins, without obstacles, without limits, open to all and everybody. Because we like to make quality music, growing, singing...

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