• You started blues dance classes recently and you would like to push your own blues dance (Less than 1 year dancing)
  • You're taking blues classes in your dancing school, or you took several blues workshops.
  • You never been in blues festivals and this is your first time.
  • You want to improve your basics, feel confortable with diferent connections, enjoy and don't stop on the dance floor for the whole night.
  • After all, you do not want to stop dancing blues... This is your level!



  • You take regular blues dance classes, you attend to festivals and workshops to improve your blues.
  • You are confident with your basics, you wanto to continue improving your dancing and learn some cool moves.
  • For you is important be confident in your vocabulary and all your important basics, to develop your musicality and feel comfortable.
  • After all, you do not want to stop dancing to a range of tempos and different styles of blues music.



  • You dance blues for many years.
  • You go regalary to blues festivals in your country and abroad.
  • You are an experienced blues dancer and feel comfortable dancing to all tempos and different styles of blues music.
  • You have strong lead/follow skills and understand the importance and role of each partner in blues dance.
  • You can’t get enough of the technique and understand that it is the small details that make a big difference!
  • You are here to take your dancing to the next level.



  • You have been taking regular blues dance classes for a number of years and travel regularly to develop your knowledge of the dance.
  • You have your own style and personality in your dancing.
  • You are among the top dancers in your community or europe.
  • You may teach blues local or internationally and/or make finals in competitions.
  • You are here to work hard, discover and create new ideas, and deepen your understanding of blues, and your body in all concepts.



  • To estimate your level, please refer everything in your dancing, the regularity of your practice in classes, festivals, local parties, and not only your years fo dancing: you don't necessarily win a level per year!
  • Read each level carefuly and choose the one that makes you feel better and connect with your dancing.
  • The event teachers could change your level leader/follower in case to consider appropriate, with pre-advise and speaking with you.

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