The Bald Brothers

The Bald Brother have a great experience in local events and international festivals. With their 100% blues session, you will go along the whole Mississippi River and its varied styles, from New Orleans jazz-blues to the most pungent blues of Chicago, while visiting the classic rural tunes of the Delta. You will not stop dancing with these pair of bluesman!

DJ Ferroo

DJ Ferroo is directly influenced by the roots of blues, thanks to his trajectory of more than 10 years linked to gospel and end of the 19th century American music. For him blues is an evolution of that music and with his sessions he gets to take us back to that time in which music was a way of feeling free.

DJ Costa

After almost ten years of experience, DJ Costa is a guarantee when it comes to playing American music from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s: swing, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. He plays tunes he has himself performed, thought, and most importantly, danced. He leans toward acoustic, electric and vocal blues, which he feels deep inside. For him, blues can be either contemporary or from 80 years ago, but with roots that make you feel the earth when you dance.

RY DJ Resident

During the small breaks, half part, etc ... RY DJ Resident will play his list of songs.

Come on Guys.... let's dance.

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